9 November 2022


THREE, TWO, ONE... JUMP-IT WIPEOUT. The game thats perfect for indoor use and outdoor use. With the Christmas holidays coming and the weather being so unpredictable, this game is utter perfection. A great way to burn off that bundle of energy without them running circles around the home. You don't even need a big area, so even if you have a small home it's still great. 
The game is super easy to put away and won't take up loads of space in storage either. 

The musical jump game is a super simple concept of jumping over a revolving soft bar. It has multiple settings for different ages and abilities too. 

Normal mode: Jump against the clock for a set time at a speed set by you on either high, medium or low.
Challenge mode: The bar speed increases faster and faster 
Reverse mode: The bar will change direction to keep you on your toes (or feet hopefully)

This is a great game for all the family, I mean, I'm tempted to use it for my fitness too. I just think it would be so much more fun than other fitness tasks. 

Keeping active is great for gross motor skills, coordination skills, confidence and self esteem, it encourages a positive mindset, reduces screen time and encourages healthy competition between the family. The game is available HERE at Smyths and as stay active ambassadors you can see the other items available HERE and HERE.


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