18 May 2016


Today marks Lucas' last day at nursery. He started nursery in October, as I was meant to be working on a Wednesday. Things changed and we found we didn't need nursery anymore, although we decided to keep him in nursery for his development.
Every month we would have a massive chunk of money come out of Brad's wages to pay for childcare.
When we found out we were expecting again we needed to think of the Pro's and Con's of Lucas staying in nursery.
The Con's outweighed the pro's and we decided the best bet would be to take him out, use the money on baby, Lucas and taking Lucas to some mum and baby groups and take back that Wednesday that I'm without him, and have an extra day of cuddles and fun; especially as summer is coming and as much as I dislike summer, Lucas will be able to have lots of fun. We don't want Lucas to miss out on situations that include children and communication with children his age, so that important to keep up.
Nursery has helped with Lucas' development, he has come on a lot but then also a part of my thinks, would he still have learnt that through us anyway. He's a chatterbox, a huge chatterbox. He's also really smart, I don't know if he's doing things he shouldn't, whether in some eyes he should be doing what he's doing, or whether he's classed as behind slightly, but to me i'm super proud with how much he does, and don't care whether a child his age can do more than him, or less than him. Every child develops different and i am just so proud of him.

Lucas can speak in sentences, he can count to 10 with assistance, he can name and point to his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, cheeks, chin, teeth, hair, feet, toes, hands and knees. If you say hand's he shakes his own or others and says "how do you do." He can understand a lot of things too. he loves getting up in the morning saying "down stairs," then going into the kitchen, grabbing his moomin bowl, the cereal, the milk and a spoon and then going to the table ready for help up. He can also do so much more but my mind can't even think. He sings all the time, and puts places, for example; starbucks or the disney shop, with people. He says "nanna" and in starbucks he says "bic" as he knows we meet my mum there and she buys him a biscuit. He talks in lists too, which is super cute.

I am sad to see that nursery is ending for him, until next september when he gets funding after his 3rd birthday, but he's going to love time at home and he's such a sociable child, we will have no problems getting back into the nursery/pre-school thing in a a year and a bits time.
Nursery is great if you always have something to do on the day they're in, but I cannot justify £210 a month, to write a blog post and answer emails, at this present time. Maybe one day, when I can be a full time blogger and vlogger and stay at home mum. ;) Dream big guys, dream big!

I now need to go out and buy some chocolate and write out a card now. I am so unprepared.

Do your little ones go to nursery?