H E L L O !  W E L C O M E  T O  O U R  L I T T L E  B L O G !

Hello! I am Nicole,

Mama of four little darlings, Lucas, Iris, Rufus & Caspar and also a Wife to Brad!
You're most likely to find me with a Venti sized Starbucks or my camera in my hand, and dancing around the house to Disney songs.
We're a small family from Hampshire with a love for Candid photos, special home videos and documenting and capturing life's little ups and downs in a raw and honest way.
To work with us please email: thelittlestdarlings@aol.com

Find out more about the five of us, in detail, below.

A B O U T  M E  |  N I C O L E  W A L T E R S

I've been blogging since October 2013 and re-started and rebranded to The littlest Darlings, from Dear little Lucas in September 2016. It works best for our family and I have found it to be such a positive change and helping me feel like a brand and not just a blog. I am a freelance photographer, Admin support in a care home and I own Candid Days Photography & The Littlest Illustrations branching out from just photographing my littles, and photographing others littles too, as well as weddings, and other events and illustrating peoples memories too.
I am obsessed with anything Halloween, Autumn, Pumpkins, Christmas, Tea, Lewis Capaldi and Disney and you'll always find me with a camera in my hand, a coffee in the other and singing along to a Throwback Thursday playlist, Lewis or Disney.

T H E  B I G G E S T  L I T T L E  |  L U C A S  O L I V E R  W A L T E R S

Our biggest, little human is a cheeky little chappy who is 7 years old and known to us as our little bear. He is absolutely obsessed with all things Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Minecraft and Crafting & Lego. He is always wanting to learn and loves history the most and has the most hilarious personality of any little you'll ever meet. You'll usually find him at school nowadays or exploring, putting on an accent, saying he's hungry, crafting or playing lego. He's incredible at drawing and is just a wonderful, caring, little boy.

T H E  M I D D L E  L I T T L E  |  I R I S  R A I N E  W A L T E R S
Our middle, little does not stop talking and is an absolute sass-pot of a five-year-old. She's usually rocking the Autumnal colours with a bobble hat or with sunglasses on and with her hair in "bunny" buns. She adores Disney Princesses, Halloween and pushing her baby around in its pram. She's obsessed with Disney, mermaids, sausage dogs, Beetlejuice and spooky things! She's amazing at dancing and loves musical theatre and she's really good at roly-polys! 

T H E  S E C O N D , M I D D L E  O N E  |  R U F U S  L E N N O N  W A L T E R S
Our second middle little and he is 3 years old! He surprised us as a little boy (as we kept the gender a surprise) and he is the most wonderful, little, early, Christmas present ever. He is the cheekiest little boy, with a love for showers as they "tickle his toes" and he loves Hey Duggee, Bluey, HULK SMASH and music (especially ja ja ding dong, no jokes) he has a hilarious personality and loves a duddle or a dootie (cookie).
He is obsessed with trucks, diggers and well any vehicle and his personal favourite is the carrot van!

T H E  L I T T L E S T  O N E  |  C A S P A R  R I V E R  W A L T E R S
The smallest and final addition to our family. He was born 
August 7th 2021 and had a little NICU stay too. 
He doesn't like much yet, boobies, milk, booby milk, Mummy and Mummy cuddles but I am excited to start seeing his personality shine through!

T H E  O T H E R  H A L F  O F  M E  &  T H E I R  D A D D Y  |  B R A D
The handsome, bearded man who came into my life on December 31st 2011/January 1st 2012. He's blessed me with four children, an engagement and then married me on November 3rd 2017. He is patient, kind and loving. He is an incredible man. He loves Disney, Pokemon, Marvel, DC, Me, food and hiding in the bathroom for 45 minutes on his phone pretending to poo.

Here I like to document our highs and our lows and the little bits in between.
We like to travel and go on adventures, attempt to be fashionistas, review products, write letters to Lucas, Iris & Rufus, growing their little Brother, document the milestones, the smiles and the tears and keeping everyone fed, watered, clean and alive in the process.

I am in no way the best mother and neither do I think that, I make mistakes, do things that are a little naughty as much as the next person, but my heart is full of love and care and a love for writing, Disney, Travel, adventure, making memories and taking pictures and home videos!
I love to review products and would love to review any products of yours if you would like to send them we'd love to receive them. If you want to book me for a photoshoot or a video or if you wanna just say HI, then feel free to email me. Contact can be made HERE 

More photos below of some of my favourite moments.