11 August 2016


1. THE MOMENT YOU FIND OUT YOU'RE EXPECTING - For most this is a joyous time, for others it's a scary time, and for some let's not forgot this is a really "I don't need this," time. Either way I guarantee you will cry. Happy tears, sad tears, scared tears, whatever they are, it's okay, you can blub!

2. HORMONES - Let's not forget how absolutely unpredictable and unnecessary hormones are. One minute you're laughing, next you're crying. You have no idea why but you are, but one thing you do know is why can't you stop? How can the sneezing panda video, turn to crying at how sad you were that the panda was scared? There's nothing you can do about it so just roll with it and have a tissue at the ready!

3. SEEING YOUR BUNDLE ON SCREEN FOR THE FIRST TIME - That absolutely amazing moment where you see your little baby on the screen for the first time and see their little heartbeat flickering. It's enough to make anyone emotional. For some this is their first child, for some their second, third or even fifteenth, it could also be someone's last child and the last time they're doing this, and for others this could be a scan after a loss. Scans are really special for one reason or another.

4. ONE FOR DAD - Not only mum cries, you may have dad having a sneaky little sob and you're going to need to share a Kleenex with them for sure. It's okay for men to cry too. If you ask me it's rather lovely seeing dad having a little cry with happiness, it shows they are excited too!

5. TELLING THE FAMILY - So dad may have gone through a whole pack, and now it’s time to tell the family. Sit them down with a card, a scan photo and a packet of Kleenex. It’s guaranteed to be an emotional time, especially if you’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

6. WHEN YOU FEEL THEM MOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME - It's honestly the most magical feeling and nothing beats it. It usually catches you by surprise and it's the best feeling ever.

7. HAYFEVER - Hayfever has to be one of the most horrific things to have even when you’re not pregnant. Scratching your eyeballs out, running nose and pure frustration! It’s the most horrendous feeling ever. Summer time pregnancies are hard work!

8. FINDING ‘THE’ NAME - That moment of back and forth debating means you FINALLY, find the perfect name, and bam, you’ve got it, your baby has their name, the name they will probably use forever, the name that you have chosen and is going to be your baby’s name. Its usually such a wonderful feeling too. They have an identity, you can refer to them as their name and not just baby, baby girl or baby boy. I know I cried when we decided on our names.

9. AS DUE DATE ARRIVES - You see everything you've worked hard for over the past 9 months coming to an end, all the money and time that you've put into all the little bits and bobs and trinkets for your new arrival that's nearly here. The fact that soon you'll be saying goodbye to your much loved baby bump, or not so loved by some, and welcoming that beautiful, squishy newborn. 

10. THE BIRTH OF YOUR BABY - You're now a mummy and daddy, you're holding your baby for the first time, seeing something you both created and grew and now they're here and that's when you'll when you’ll need a Kleenex!

Thank you!

*This post is in collaboration with kleenex*

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