13 August 2016


So I went back to my good ol' tumblr to dig out the template for my birth plan I wrote up when I was expecting Lucas. I thought now that I can have a natural birth, all considering she doesn't decide to flip back up to breech position, then I would type it out again and then I can print it off.
I know that there are so many possibilities and a birth plan isn't exactly the way you're going to go and things may change, but it's nice to have and I always find it really fun to look back on after the birth. Especially with Lucas' as I had a c-section as he was breech so my birth plan wasn't even used.

I have a unicornuate uterus, so I know that I have some rules and regulations to follow and I am not allowed a water birth, like i'd always wanted and can't go to the new forest birth centre like i'd like either. Which is rubbish as who doesn't want to give birth in a pool, looking out the window at deer and wildlife? Like surely that's enough to make anyone breeze through labour?

My birthing plan…
Due date: 25th October 2016
First stage
I would like remain at home for a long as I feel comfortable, then visit the hospital when I feel I cannot cope at home any longer.
I would like Brad (my partner) and Georgia (my cousin) present during the birth. She will be swapping with my nan if she feels she needs a break. 
I would like to remain as active as possible changing positions as I see fit and rest during contractions in whatever position I find most comfortable.
I would like my baby monitored as much as possible to guarantee her safety and I am happy to have any intervention possible if it is needed to keep her safe e.g breaking waters and inducing ect… but would like this all explained to me before completing.
In regards to pain relief I would like as natural as possible but will be willing to take any stronger pain relief if I really need it.
Gas and air is one I am happy to try for definite. I don't want an epidural at all.
Second stage
I wish to know when the head is crowning but don’t want a mirror to see it.
I will appreciate firm advice and guidance to guard against too quick delivery and causing a tear.
We plan to take photographs during labour, and possibly filming certain parts, but will be on my terms.
I do not wish to have an episiotomy unless vital as I would prefer an episiotomy to a tear, my birthing partners or myself must agree before hand though so I am aware.
I would like my baby to be delivered and placed straight onto my chest as I didn't get to be the first one to hold my son; and to be told the sex as soon as she is delivered so we can be sure she is a girl, like previously told in the scan.
I wish the cord to remain attached until it stops pulsating and then my partner (Brad) to cut the cord.
Third stage
I wish to deliver the placenta whatever way is quickest and easiest.
If there are signs of haemorrhage then I will have IV ergometrine as necessary.
I would like Brad (my partner) to have a hold and for Brad to wash her and dress him.
We would like our baby to stay with one of us at all times and to be left alone to bond with the baby.
I don’t want to see the placenta.
We would like to be consulted if our baby needs to go to special care and everything explained to us fully and to be able to go down to see her as soon as possible.
I wish to breastfeed as soon as is appropriate, and I consent to a vitamin K injection.
If stitching is necessary I do want a local anaesthetic to be well administered prior to stitching.
Please share any concerns with me, my partner and my cousin/nan as soon as they arise. It will help us to know the answers to these questions:
What is wrong?
What do you suggest and why?
What would be the possible outcomes with and without this intervention
How much time do we have to make a decision
Are there any other courses of action open to us?
I would like to avoid forceps delivery unless extremely necessary, same with a caesarean section.
If a caesarean section is necessary I would like to have spinal anaesthetic over a general so my partner (Brad) can be in the room to see baby be born and I can be awake to see my baby straight away, last case scenario I would go under general anaesthetic if that means the only safe and quick option to get my baby out. I also want to be the first person to hold her, so would like her to be placed on my chest straight away as I didn't get to with my son.
In the post-natal ward
I intend to breastfeed on demand and only want artificial milk to be given if I cannot breastfeed and I have a very hungry, distressed baby.
I would like our baby with me at all times unless I request otherwise and I would like to be present when our baby has a nappy change or bath.
I would like to be discharged as quick as safely possible and I would like to be given an estimated day depending on the procedure and pain relief I’ve had.

So I followed a template with this originally off the internet and then copied Lucas' over and changed bits. It's strange some of the bits I said I wanted with Lucas that I wouldn't want now. I am planning to have a hypnobirth, I have downloaded an app and am listening to it whenever I get time on my own. After having a section with Lucas, I really wanted a natural birth and want it as natural as I possibly can, so hopefully this is all okay.
This may seem really detailed and over the top but it really is just nice to give other mums an idea of a birth plan template and I also think that being this detailed and things means if i'm in too much pain to talk to anyone or consent then it's there for Brad to read and remind himself too as well as the midwifes. I have done one myself and early as last time I did the same but I also never made it far enough to do one with the midwife. I have to be extra prepared with the uncertainty of her arrival she could come early, she could come on time, she could come late. My uterus is more unpredictable than most peoples so we'll never know
Did you type up a birth plan? Did you follow it?

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