17 August 2016


This morning I woke up at 5am, due to a tired Lucas stirring, but although he went back to sleep I was wide awake, so decided to get up with Brad, as he had work, and have a coffee with him and wait for Lucas to wake up at 6amish! Which he did, 6:10am he was up and full of beans. 
I had this random burst of energy and by 8am I was hoovering the patio and outside of the windows where the cobwebs were. Nesting? Maybe. 

Lucas had spilt water down himself so I had undressed him into just a nappy temporarily before I got him dressed, and he was wondering around eating pear and banana, and playing with his cars, so I started pottering and then got a little clean happy. A wash went on, and I had opened all the windows to get the smell of the fresh morning air. I love summer mornings, where its breezy, crisp and smells like morning dew. Thats the only part of summer I like.

I had opened the kitchen door to let some air in and Lucas took prime advantage of this and ran out, straight onto the dewy grass and ran in a circle and was so excited! He's such an adventurer, he loves being nude, no shoes on and exploring the grass, leaves, plants and dirt. He kept running through the damp grass with his arms in the air before he went to play in his sandpit.

He has been loving his sandpit recently, building "astles" (castles) and enjoys grabbing handfuls and dumping it on your lap and laughing! He's become so outdoorsy, and I love watching him explore. We have the worlds most hardest garden to manage, we have enough trees to call our driveway and front of the house the woods and enough blackberry bushes too to start my own "pick your own" farm. It's a nightmare for me and makes me really freaked out about the fact that my Garden isn't immaculate or well managed, as it's rented there is only so much we can do to make it easier to manage and well, I'd like to have a garden that doesn't grow back within 3 days of spending the day out there managing it, but that being said its perfect for a little adventurer.

It's perfect for Lucas to pick plants, get his cars and trains "stuck" and gives him weeds for Pepper to eat. It's my worse nightmare but Lucas loves it. I'm glad we wont be here when he learns to climb trees as I can imagine him climbing the tree in the front garden and giving me a heart attack!

He is my funny little sunrise nude adventurer!