23 May 2016


Dear little Lucas,

Sometimes you just need a little kindness and love in life.

Sometimes you have a cold, and you need a tissue, some soup and medicine. Then sometimes you feel super sad and other times you cry tears of happiness. One day you will understand emotions properly, and I’ll be there to comfort you throughout all those scenarios, with a Kleenex, and a hug. I cannot promise that I’ll make it all better when you're feeling sad or poorly but as your mummy; I sure will try.

I remember when I had the miscarriage and I was quietly sobbing on the sofa and you came up to me and wiped my tears from my cheeks. That was the first time I realised how proud I was of you and how much of a kind, little boy you're becoming. Most children wouldn't understand what was happening, but you always have this sixth sense when I’m sad and you always come bouncing over with this cute little grin to at least try and cheer me up. 
All those mornings when I was throwing up, thanks to your little sister, and I tried to keep you out of the bathroom as I was scared that you'd be scared. You weren't ever scared though, you just sat with me, saying "mummy, mummy, oh no," and would show me toys. Peppa pig in my face whilst throwing up wasn't the best thing but all you wanted to do was cheer me up by sharing your toys with me.

Since mummy has been pregnant you're learning more and more about illness, sadness and happy tears. 

Friday 13th May, we found out that you're becoming a big brother to a little sister. You were convinced you were having a sister and if i’d ask you whether it's a boy or girl, you’d always answer with "girl,". I’m not convinced, I am actually pretty sure that you don't understand what that means, but I promised if you were right i’d buy you chocolate buttons, and also if you were wrong, i’d buy you chocolate buttons too. Mummy totally forgot about them, so she’s off to the shop later, for them. You probably noticed mummy and daddy crying that day and it wasn’t sad tears, it was just happy tears. It's all very confusing these emotions.

You're going to be facing such a huge change in life soon, as mummy gets bigger and bigger, she has a pretty big bump already, and it will mean mummy gets more and more tired. You'll have to be patient and I’m not going to be able to be as quick, jump around as much, or climb up the slide with you. 

Once the baby is born, you're going to find they cry a lot.

I can imagine you now comforting your little sister, rocking her back and forth in the bouncer, wiping her tears, putting back in her dummy and as she gets older giving her massive cuddles and kisses.  

Being kind isn't just about being nice to someone, you'll find that it can be as simple as sharing a Kleenex with someone, or your cuddly toy. 

I couldn't be prouder of you and hope that you're one of these humans that will offer a shoulder to cry on or pass out a Kleenex when someone is in need. 

Love you always,

*In association with Kleenex