18 July 2022



Lucas has spent the afternoon "bouncing" between the paddling pool and the HipHoppa. I will mention before I get into the post that you will need a bike pump, one with a pin otherwise you will not be able to use and work you HipHoppa. This is a very important factor and did slow us down with using the product. 

The HipHoppa is a slightly trickier piece of equipment and Lucas struggled with the concept a lot and needed help from Brad. Overtime I am confident Lucas will gauge how to use it and the point of this is the growth and how it can improve their movement, balance and coordination. Lucas asked me if I was impressed with his "perseverance" which I was, he didn't give up and kept trying before asking for Daddy's help. 

The HipHoppa is for ages 6+ and Lucas is 8. Lucas is always trying hard and trying to do better and get better and it's a great trait of his. I am so sure Olympic champion, Greg Rutherford would be so proud of Lucas for his determination and perseverance. 

Having your children staying active is so important, and with the rise of sitting on tablets and devices and hiding inside when the weather is sunny and lovely, having something fun to play with and on, can definitely help with the boredom. 

This is going to be a firm favourite for a long time through all the children. I can't wait to see Iris hop on and completely nail it as usual too.

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