18 July 2022



We've been poorly over the last week so we've had all four children home and my goodness, the "I'm bored" when they can't be at school because they're germy but they're not poorly. Finding things to occupy them in the nice weather too again became repetitive and they just got bored. The word of the week was BORED. So, we got creative, we did some sporty bits and we did some arty bits. It's nearly the end of term so we went fun learning. 

I held an art class last Thursday for the boys. We got our paint pops paint sticks out and we drew what we could see. The best thing about paint sticks is that they make no mess and these boys are messy, so this is a dream for me as a parent. They spent time drawing the bungalow, the bushes and the trees. Lucas did try drawing little characters from his games too, and saying they were in his imagination! Sneaky pickle.

Rufus is a little younger so his skills are mostly mark making and just drawing lines and blobs. He was very sweet and kept drawing a line and saying "a snake, mummy" and he was so proud of himself. Melted my entire heart. He has been enjoying mark making a lot ore at preschool and is now bringing a lot more little pieces of his art work home and I've always been a little hesitant to let him being arty with paint at home because he would make such a mess, so having these little paint sticks make me a more fun mum.

The paint sticks are fast drying, mostly drying in as little as sixty seconds, which is perfect, and can be used on so many different surfaces, but of course I recommend you test in a small patch first, I don't want to be responsible for any stains caused. I also hope it's not your walls! Haha. The sticks make great gifts, I actually added one to my friends little girl for her birthday this weekend as she loves art and getting messy. These will also be great for our adventures, we love packing art supplies to learn about nature. Do you remember as a child paper, crayon on a tree, to see the patterns? Replace crayons with paint sticks and you get a more vibrant colour. I can't wait to for this over the seasons. 

You can buy your paint sticks from Amazon HERE and enjoy making beautiful art work without the mess and they can be easily tidied away in a pencil case, without having to store multiple paint bottles in a multitude of colours. I can't wait for you all to create beautiful art work.

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