23 July 2022


 A Lite Brite may scream "children toy?" right but you would be wrong! This Stranger Things Lite Brite, is perfect for any stranger things fan to add to their collection. The iconic scene in season four, where Dustin and Erica swipe little Holly Wheelers Lite Brite toy to connect to Robin, Steve, Nancy and Eddie in the upside down where they can't get back through "Watergate". 

The limited edition, Stranger Things Lite Brite is a great way to create light art with the 12 templates you're given in the box, from Holly's retro bunny to  the upside down demogorgon. There are templates from all four seasons of the show to choose from and 650 micro pegs. You can also chose our of four different light settings to help showcase your finished design.

The limited edition lite brite is available HERE from Amazon and is not one to be missed. A cool collectable or fun for an evening whilst you rewatch the entire series from Will's disappearance to the grandfather clocks appearance. The series has changed it's light communication methods many times since the beginning but this is by far the coolest and something you can have in your home, although no one is judging if you put Joyce's Christmas light method up! 

The lite brite templates are easy to follow and the device works amazingly. It's so bright and the lites don't fall out easily either. So once the pattern is made, it's able to stand up and be displayed if you wanted to. 
Go buy yours now because who knows what will happen in season five! Hawkins is falling after all.

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