2 August 2022


Travelling can be stressful, especially with tiny people. Most people use tablets for travel and of course they are great as an addition for travel but when we travel we mostly pack games and get them to pick a magazine each for the journey. I find travelling with three tablets too much hassle and I also like to interact with them too.

The first magazine was the beach fun set which you can grab HERE or from any good magazine stockists, like WHSmith, supermarkets, etc.. The fun to learn Peppa pig magazine comes with the cutest little beach set with Peppa and George, a little beach hut and accessories! This was amazing as both Rufus and Iris played together with these and it was so lovely to watch. Inside the magazine there were stickers, activities and little things he could do. He was occupied on the first two trains to Bracknell with this magazine!

The second magazine, which you can buy HERE is the fun to learn Peppa Pig bag o' fun magazine bundle and this kept him occupied for ages and he's still not finished using it all, there is so much. This was themed around Peppa's American roadtrip adventure. The magazine came with the cutest working polaroid camera. When you click the button to take the photo a polaroid pops out the bottom and there's a couple of different ones you can put it. Rufus spent our trip taking photos of everyone with this camera. It also comes with stickers, a magic painting book as well as lots of little activities and cut outs. 

There is absolutely nothing better than a good ol' magazine and especially one with so much to do and such cute little toys attached to them too. Magazines help children learn and develop. reading and recognising letters, counting, writing, drawing and coding, to name a few. 
Every issue includes fun and games and is perfect for any child aged 3-7. Head to Redan to sign up for a subscription HERE 


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