10 August 2022


We're on month two of trying out stay active products. Last month we were hopping all over the place on a HipHoppa which you can read HERE
Lucas took his Kickerball to the park with him today and for a non football loving boy, he enjoyed kicking it around the empty cattle field and trying some tricks out. 

As a family of six, with four being eight and under burning off energy and staying active and fit is important to every single one of us; Adults included. If Brad and I don't stay fit and active, then the little people won't want to stay fit and active and we also won't be able to keep up with them as they grow up. I love our adventures and days out and sometimes it's nice just to sit and chill on the grass whilst they play an outdoor game and the kickball was perfect for that.

Adventures in nature are really important and encourages the reduction of screen time as well as Lucas learning to be more coordinated and the kickerball is perfect for his reaction time too. You can buy the KickerBall HERE and its definitely a great product for the summer but also into the autumn too for those chillier days to warm up and keep active.

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