15 August 2022



Rufus loves playing with toys, he spends many hours, setting up his play mats and just role playing with characters and vehicles. He has such a wonderful little imagination that is growing and growing everyday. He regularly shuts himself in his bedroom or mine to stop Caspar from trashing his world that he has set up so delicately and so wonderfully. 

He has been exploring the new range of toys called Action Heroes. He was sent the swat vehicle available HERE for £36.99, the Sports person and super hero that you can get HERE for £10.50 and the Police Segway set that you can get HERE for £12. You can check out the entire range HERE which ranges from around £10.50 to £52. We will be adding more of the range to Rufus' birthday and Christmas lists as he really has been in his element with these products.

The range is really well made, it's not flimsy and nor easily breakable. There are so many little bits and accessories to it and the attention to detail on the accessories is amazing, little bits from the police that you go "oh my goodness, how cute are these handcuffs" kind of thing. Theres also a draw that you can store all the accessories in, it fit all the accessories from the swat truck and additional figure sets in and still has room for more. I hoped this would stop them all from living at the bottom of the character toy draw in his room, but of course Rufus is not that organised. It does serve that purpose if you have a child that doesn't tidy up by shoving everything in its box and going "MY TIDIED, MY DONE IT" ... 

There are so many doors that open, places to pop your characters and Rufus honestly played with this for hours after he got it, it was so easy taking photos of him because he was genuinely engaged in this little world. He's played with it every day since and it really is a collection we'll be adding to our home. The characters are really clever too as they have interchangeable heads but not with multiple ones, but by literally swapping it round on the body. Rufus loves going "angry police man" to "not angry police man" its adorable. The features on the products have too many to even document and it's just so worth you buying. They're a really good value for money, especially with the cost of living rising and Christmas fast approaching but these really would make great gifts for your action loving child.

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