13 June 2022



Playing outside is so important for children, in so many ways. Increasing mental wellbeing and improving movement, balance, coordination and reaction time as well as social skills, self esteem and confidence in themselves. Lucas has regularly become more and more technology device obsessed, and as an adventurous, outdoorsy mum, I hate it. I don't mind limited screen time as it is beneficial for Lucas but I do also want them to all be outside enjoying the sunshine and burning off all their energy.

With a demand for family-inclusive activities and toys on the rise, stay active ambassador Greg Rutherford is keen to get the brand out there.
Stay active is a brand dedicated to family friendly toys that can be used indoors and outdoors whilst staying fit and active.

This month we are staying active with Sling ball available HERE at Smyths, as well as amazon, and other toy stores and supermarkets. Another great game of theirs is Splash out which is another great game for the summer, especially after those sweaty, hot, school runs. 

With sling ball, you can use it inside and outside. You could fill the balls with water for outdoor play too and for indoor play, switch out the balls for balloons filled with air and not helium and you have a great indoor game too. This way you can stay active whatever the weather. 

We've had so much fun and the little people are loving sling ball and although Iris struggles pinging it due to her being a little younger than Lucas, who completely nailed it, she has got a great throw on her, proving that you can play it even when a little younger too. 

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