11 April 2022


READY, STEADY, GO! Lucas and Rufus spent so long going up and down the driveway with their new T-Racers collectables. Worth £4.99 each and available in Tesco, which is where we picked ours up from, they make a great pocket money toy. 

Lucas and Ru spent no time at all ripping the packaging open to see what they would pull from the blind-bags . The bags are labelled with what’s inside and if you’re super lucky you will pull an ultra rare. Which my boys did 4 times, meaning we only need the ultra rare wheels in order to complete the ultra rare car. There’s a driver, cockpit, rear, front and wheels in the wheel shaped boxes. 

So what are who are T-Racers? They’re a collectible, construction , vehicle brand which encourages children to be creative with mix-matching their car parts. There are 16 car designs spread over the mystery boxes which could be traded with friends in the playground or on play dates to collect all the designs fully and 500 different combinations available to mess around with design wise.
Each part has a special “power” and your little people will love being able to make those powers a reality through play. 

The boxes they come in can be used for storage too! As well as mentioning they packaging is made of paper and cardboard so is recyclable too, which is super important when buying toys and products with the fight to save the planet in our hands. 

Head to your local Tesco today and take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on these packs and let your little one unlock the mystery to a super cool car universe. Also if you head over to FACEBOOK to be in with the chance of winning 4 boxes to kickstart your collection and see what the fuss is about with what will be a great new collectible craze; 

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