10 April 2022



Whether you're a spring chicken or a bouncing bunny, there's something for all creative little people (and adults, I had just as much fun as them). Plasticine is a timeless craft that is reusable and this plasticine doesn't dry out. Like other similar items that if you leave the lid off goes dry and has to go straight in the bin. 

Easter for me is a perfect time to save money and stay home and craft. The children have so much time off during the Summer and half terms and for me Easter, Halloween and Christmas breaks are craft opportunities break. We do some trips out for walks with friends but we spend a lot of time in the garden, painting or crafting and we've already started with the crafting and its been so much fun!


  • Plasticine FunTUBulous
  • Plasticine Fluro
  • Plasticine Toolz
  • Plasticine Tower Blox
  • Plasticine 24 Colour Max
  • Plasticine Uber Tubes
Plasticine is the perfect nostalgia trip for many people and with it coming with lots of shapes and sizes and with lots of tools its got something for everyone. Suitable for people age 5+. 

We've been making our "easter weekend memories" of Lindt bunnies, burgers from Easter BBQ's, flowers and easter baskets to name a few and it's been so fun. At the end we packed up and put it all away for another day! I can't wait to see what we make next.

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