10 April 2022



Being the fourth baby means Caspar is usually lumbered with hand-me-down toys. He had a few new ones but he is usually happy with one of Rufus’ toys. But, he is finding his own little personality recently and finding his own likes and dislikes and he’s showing an interest in something more than baby sensory on the tv. As a typical baby, he LOVES colourful shoes with colourful characters and the Teletubbies ticks all the boxes for him. It also brings me a sense of nostalgia too. My Brother and I both used to watch the Teletubbies together and seeing Caspar showing and interest and playing with the two Teletubbies plushes from eco-plush it gives me a warm, happy, memory feeling.

The eco plushes come in many different children’s shows from Blippi, to cocomelon and my little pony to Barney the dinosaur to name a few and they're all good for the planet. They are toys for preschoolers and are made from recycled materials and are soft cuddly and fun. Made from recycled plastic bottles to toys for your little people to love in characters they love! The packaging is also made from recycled materials too. so everything is good for our earth. With is great with national earth day coming up this month and the need for us all to be making more eco-conscious choices. 

The little green leaf logo is a little nod to the eco friendliness of the toys and it's the perfect way to introduce children to the idea of recycling. Which is something we're really hot on at home. We actually have two big recycling bins at home which are always full for the bin people to collect fortnightly. 

Available from Smyths, The Entertainer, Toymaster, Very, Amazon, Morrisons, Tesco, ASDA, The Range, Hamleys, JD Williams and many more places. 

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