31 March 2022


The weather may have switched but better, warmer days are coming and this is the must have item for all ages. grown ups and little children. Think forward to those Summer days, the lighter nights, garden days in the pool or sunning it up and thinking oh, how good would a slushy be? Pop to the freezer, grab the cup you put in there earlier in the day or the night before and grab whatever squash, smoothie, milkshake, cocktail, mocktail, fizzy drink or fresh fruit juice and make a delicious slushy in a minute.

We made Pina colada mocktails with my tiny people and it was so easy. We froze the two cups in the morning and 5 hours later they were ready to slush up. The process is super easy. Once your cup is frozen, pour your desired drink into the cups. We added Pineapple juice and then coconut milk.

You can either pour straight from the source or mix a drink in the blender,  once the drinks are poured into the cups the fun begins, especially for the little humans. You carefully smoosh the cup with your hands for a minute and watch the magic happen as the liquid turns to slushy ice. It is just crazy how easy it is to get a delicious slushy drink at home. 

Once they a slushy, enjoy every sip. Once you're finished, wash the cup and place the cup back in the freezer for another round a few hours later. 

The cups come in three neon colours and we were sent the two colours you see but I did actually order the third colour which is neon pink and Iris now has that one and Rufus has her one. There was no way two would be enough and now all three have a slushy cup and they love them and so do I. Especially when they're just under ten pound available from SMYTHS


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