4 March 2022



I've never met a child that loves water play as much as Rufus. He spends so much time annoying me and making so much mess around my house! Dinner time, spillages to play with, bath time? SPLASH PARK! A water play set is the best invention going forward for my water obsessed boy.

It took a while for me to get to grips with putting it together, I couldn't clip things together right, places or they were quite tricky to clip in but once you get it right it works amazingly. There's so many little bits to the canal-inspired play set. From collecting the cargo from the docks with a working crane, to floating around on the little boat, spinning the water mill, racing through the waterways and you can even pump the water in the lock, just like a real canal. 

The aqua play lockbox is great for teaching them cause and effect and helps them with engineering play skills and with fine motor skills too. It's great for role playing and the best part for them is its fun. They can splash on sunny and warm days in the garden and what's stopping you from bringing it on camping trips, on days out to the forest or the beach too? Once the fun is finished, empty the water, fold it up, clip it all together, all of the accessories stay inside a voila. Ready for the next adventure. 

This will definitely be coming on day trips with us and what I loved the most about it was listening to Rufus, chatting away as the hippo and seeing him play so nicely. 
It's available at Smyths and Very for £39.99. It's a must have for Summer fun!

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