25 October 2022



Unique eyes dolls are the closest to a brand I had as a child, that I’ve found and I’m living for it.
Iris has got Rebecca and she has the cutest colourful hair and funky dress sense. Iris loves dressing dolls up and making scenarios up. She loves changing their clothes from daywear to party wear. 

The dolls are perfect for fashion lovers as well as doll collectors and lovers. The dolls themselves have perfectly bendy legs for positioning them to sit and move, as well as easy dressing. As well as being able to stand alone. They’re well made and the hair can be brushed and made to look super cute. The outfits are cool as mentioned and they can be mix matched for creating fun new outfits. 

The main unique feature of these dolls are they’re super big, magical eyes. They’re so good to look at and follow you around the room. There’s three unique eyes dolls to collect Rebecca, Sophia and Amy and you can even get play sets too. Rebecca can come with a motorcycle and Sophia a hair salon. You can grab the dolls HERE from Amazon, or from next, toys r us or any good retailer. 

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