11 October 2022



Rufus could spend hours and hours building with stickle bricks or with household items. Rufus is always building houses or dens at home and is regularly building towers with crates or stickle bricks at preschool. 
Having sticklebacks at home is a fantastic bonus to his day now. I find his hand-eye-coordination is improving, its improving his fine motor skills but most importantly its helping with his imagination.

Rufus has a fantastic imagination and loves to design games, build things and tell stories. We encourage them a lot at home to use their creativity and this is a great way of helping with the fact the pieces can piece together in so many different ways. He made a boat in the photos below and then proceeded to move it around his world map rug. 

Learning through sticklebricks is so easy and a great idea too. As an early years practitioner, we build and I'll ask questions like "what colour is this brick" or "what colour do you get if you were to mix a yellow and a blue sticklebrick together?" and we practice our makaton too, you can also use them for playing pairs and even pattern games, so multiple ways of learning. Sticklebrick learning is so much more than just slotting some shapes together. 

They're a great design and such a sturdy range which means longitivtiy of the product for years of learning. I love that the fun tub can be used for storage, meaning its easy packing away and getting out again. Sticklebricks are great for little hands and perfect for building fun! 

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