11 October 2022



Meet the super cute little babies! Christmas is coming and there's so many adorable things on the market and then you have these dolls. Iris is obsessed with dolls and all things cute so these were perfect for her. She loves playing with toys and watching the shows too! This is helpful as you can visit their youtube channel and watch their adventures too HERE.

The story behind these dolls is that their bottles give them powers! Powers to do things like control water but the hidden message is to protect nature by saving water by not leaving your taps running. The super cute little babies want to save the world and environment and love nature. All the four babies have different powers. 

Iris chose three mini dolls, 

Gabi: Who can control the sun and heat things with her hands

Sofi: Who can control plants, trees and flowers and can communicate with them to understand their needs 

Kala: Who can control water and loves water sports

The super cute dolls are available to purchase online, or in store at Tesco or the entertainer! The mini's are definitely a great stocking filler and the bigger dolls will be great main gifts too. They're made really well and what I really like about them is no hair to tangle up in the toy baskets!! 

Check out the reel below to see them in action!


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