1 February 2022



Let's rewind back to the start of my journey to motherhood started in October 2013 when I saw the words positive on that pregnancy test. I knew everything I'd ever wanted was right in front of my eyes. My body? was meant to fail, it wasn't meant to get pregnant, carry babies; well at least easily. Yet here I am! Fast forward, it's February 2022 and I am a mother to four tiny people and I am so content, stressed, yet content. So, whats it like in the family madri... Sorry Walters? What is it like in my life as a Mum of four? Four with four very different personalities and needs?

Life may be exhausting, may have challenges. There may be sleep deprivation, germs and lego on the floor but theres so many laughs, giggles and warm full hearts. The days are long but the years are short and time is going by so fast. 

I spend my days picking up toys, tidying them away, picking up the same toys and putting them away, then picking up the same toys again and putting them away, whilst they get every toy out and get bored and move onto something else. This is usually when I give up and do it again before bedtime. 

It's finding lego and little figures down the side of the sofa, stepping on it or sitting on the sofa and finding you nearly end up with a tiny arm or leg inserted into your... area... because one of the kids has left it on the sofa. It's stepping on soggy food, putting your hand in a bit of mushed banana or finding an apple core.

Then there is singing "surface pressure" or humming the tune of "keepy uppy" from bluey. It's quoting kids tv shows, and finding yourself secretly watching kids tv shows and films after they've gone to bed or they're at school just because it makes you laugh! 

It's eating the leftovers, making 2/3 different meals because one has an allergy and one struggles with certain textures and it's giving up dairy because you want to continue breastfeeding but it makes your kid sick. 

Theres also trying to figure out the best way to manage all their needs. One is a neurodivergent and needs to be supported in a different way to another one, one needs stern words because they're cheeky and stubborn, one needs quiet explanations to understand their emotions and one is a baby and yeah, just needs a lot of support.

Theres balancing the want to be a career woman but also wanting to just stay home and snuggle those darling tiny people all the time and not knowing what to do.

Bath time becomes a tidal wave splash park and it's like a conveyor belt system of kids, one in, wash hair wash, play, out, next one and repeat. 

Washing pile mountains, bank balances low, toy explosions, gin drank for sanity on a Saturday night, washing something constantly, so many shoes, pants and unlatching socks. So many sleepless nights, to do lists and early mornings. Homework requests, reading guides, nappy changes, bums wiped, nails and hair cuts a plenty. So many steps used up on the school runs, three different school drop offs and pick ups. There's so much to think about from the moment you wake, to the moment you go to sleep. 

But, theres also so many hours wasted snuggling and watching them play and grow. So many memories, so much love and comfort, smiles, teeth in pots, hair curls saved, journals filled out, memory boxes over flowing, tears cried at milestones, glowing school reports read, so many moments together, so much joy and fun. There's always someone with you. So much coffee drank and so many baby groups attended. 

There maybe madness and mayhem in my home but there is so much love, joy and happiness and I am glad this is the path my life took. It is my perfect path.

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