6 February 2022


'Be Kind" is a mantra that is consistently thrown around and for good reason. We teach our children to be kind to others and now I'm also teaching my children to be kind to the earth too. We spend a lot of time, making sure we recycle, cutting back on our plastic usage and thrifting too. When we were introduced to B-Kind dolls we saw them in Smyths and loved the concept. 

Each doll comes with sustainable fashions and even the dolls themselves are made from recycled plastics. Even down to the packaging, which has ink that is made from soybeans is Better for the environment and can be reused as kindness board and the boxes handle can be used as a bracelet or a hair tie. Everything has a purpose.

With your doll, we got Daisy as she's the most like Iris. Daisy loves animals and her motto is "save the paws of the world" which is just like Iris and her love for animals; especially sausage dogs & bunnies. Daisy comes with 2 beanbags to make and a stencil to jazz up her bag too. The crafts are great for little hands and safe. The needle that comes with the beanbags is plastic and not sharp but sew's perfectly. Iris followed the guide and stuffed them herself. Not only is this really lovely but she also had a sense of pride that she did this, she made a bean bag. 

Iris loves her doll so much and it's the first time she has really taken pride in keeping her safe and not just thrown in her toy box and taken in and out, in and out and watching her hair deteriorating and getting scruffy. It's super lovely to see. 

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