31 January 2022



We recently got the good news our lease is in fact being renewed which is perfect as we can now start making our house even more homely. Renting a home means you're very limited on what you can do to make your house a home, so these are a few things we're doing, on a budget. from paint to duvet covers.


My plan is to up-cycle our current furniture with paint. I'm thinking black, dark navy and a forest dark green! I like darker colours and everything is so light and over the years we've gained furniture from family so things are quite mismatched and I want everything to kind of tie in together a bit better. The boys room is a safari, jungle, travel and adventure theme, so a forest green would look great. Our room and the lounge is navy and monochrome based so a black or navy would look great! I want to paint Iris' bed as they grey is chipped but that's the last job as she loves her room and the furniture does work! 


The kids bedding is definitely outdated and they're running low and ours could do with being refreshed. It's hard fining nice duvet covers is really hard but there's such a vast range out there. Duvet covers can make a room, a nice one can definitely change the whole vibe and the softness and comfort for a good night sleep (if I ever get the baby to sleep). Cushions and cushion covers fast become worn down in this house with four children who use them to lay on, build houses with and the nights you fall asleep on the sofa watching a film or its 4am and you've just got the baby to sleep in the lounge so you sleep on the sofa whilst you can.  


All rooms need faux or real plants in it. I didn't realise how much I liked a plant till recently. I got my first proper big plant in March 2020 and lets just say its looking sorry for itself but I have more and I now have an app to keep them alive! So wish me luck! WISH ME LUCK! 
I want to get some plants for the boys room too as Iris has faux flowers but as the boys room theme would look great with some faux plants it has to happen. 


I want a chair like the one in this picture above for lounge! This is from the airBnB and I just love it and think it would look great in front of our lounge window! Birthday present idea guys!

Are you planning any home refurbishments or decor?

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