24 November 2021


As a huge fan of laser quest and also theme park rides that involve shooting targets with lasers, my children have really enjoyed playing this at home. 

ProjeX has 3 interchangeable image slides to shoot targets, ducks or UFO's. My littles LOVED the ducks and thats the one I hear them playing the most. The amount of times they go into Iris' room, close the doors and curtains and I can just hear giggling, belly laughs and Duck quacks coming from behind the door. The game can be played in teams, head to head or solo.

The game has an arcade base and is best played against a light coloured wall and the arcade base moves to move the ducks or the targets and UFO's to keep you on your toes. It is designed to test speed and skill and all you need to do is point and FIREEEE.

The game is a big hit in our house and Its so easy to use and it's great for all the family.

The main retailer is Smyths where you can purchase it for £54.99 I'm not sure if Smyths have any Black Friday sales on but I know some retailers do. I know one person has already purchased it for their little one for Christmas so let me know if you do too!!

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