25 November 2021


As a child I remember playing games on Boxing Day and Christmas Day evening with my family. Board games mostly but then I was older at the time. Something I am keen to keep up for my family is playing games. This is really important to me and something that keeps giggles loud and it's the best. 

The first game we've been trialling recently is the 'Shoot the Poop' game and let me just tell you the giggles that could be heard was heartwarming. Once they got the hang of the flicking they nailed it and they took it in turns and cheered each other on and giggled whilst yelling poop profanities. The amount of "OH MY POOP FLICKED OVER THE TOILET" or "MY POOPS ON THE FLOOR" was hilarious for them. 

In my opinion this is the best of the two and it's really simple to play and just a easy playing game to giggle at. Worth looking for Black Friday offers this weekend too!

'Pick up Pete' is the second game we were sent and it reminds me of a similar game that I had as a child. This one involves a pick up truck called Pete who drives around in circles and you stack chairs on it. This is a great game without Pete moving. When Pete's moving the children became incredibly frustrated and it moves too fast and too far away from them to reach and I ended up turning it off and they really enjoyed it then. They stacked the chairs in turns and took great pleasure in mocking each other when they made the chairs fall over. Overall they really enjoyed the game and there were lots of giggles. I just would recommend maybe not putting batteries in because it's a fantastic game of skill without it!

Argos have 20% off toys over Black Friday so if you're reading this around this time get buying!

It's a really simple game but involved them concentrating and they really enjoyed it. I hope these make great additions to your Christmas games. 

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