4 November 2021


Every year I throw a halloween party and the past two years we've decided the importance of hosting for so many is unnecessary, costly and we enjoy it just as much just us 6. I can splurge on table decor a little more than I usually would and I can buy super cute food too. This year I went crazy with the Marks and Spencer halloween food and also ordered some Doughnut time doughnuts too. It was a little extravagant but they loved it and the food was delicious too. 

My favourite place to by decorations for all parties, halloween, easter, birthdays and Christmas is Meri-Meri, it's slightly pricer but they're always well made and aesthetically pleasing when in line with the party theme too. I am a sucker for a aesthetic but also like my children to have control too, so it's a great middle ground.

We had the loveliest day trick or treating at my Nan and Grandads house, visits from my Mum & step-Dad and then my Dad. The children ate their body weight in sweets and chocolate and just well sugar in general.

This year's food collection at M&S was amazing and there was so much variety on treats and the milk ghost sweets were amazing! The cheesy fangs I could have ate my body weight in and the doughnut time collection literally was just the fanciest! I was a big fan of the simple dough-cus pocus was my favourite. I also had to battle with a child over frankensteins monster too. 

The Meri-Meri collections for halloween this year were so hard to chose from, the pastel pumpkins, the vintage halloween, it was all just amazing!! It was a huge decision on what plates, cups and napkins!
Also how amazing are the pastel witches hats?

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