16 June 2021



Taking these photos of Iris was a no brainer, there was nothing stopping me getting the boys involved and before any one things any differently, but it is testing enough getting them to participate with the photos I needed/wanted to get, whereas Iris is like a model, she needs no prompting, she instantly just spins, poses and loves being in front of the camera. 

When I edited these, they screamed Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume advert, of course this isn't an actual Marc Jacobs AD, it's just a little bit of a funner title for the post, it is just too cute to not include and I just hear DAISY DAISY DAISY DAISY when I see the images and I just love how they've come out and how beautiful Iris is. My little flower girl. Her freckly face, strawberry blonde hair and sassy attitude make for the best photos, she's incredibly beautiful and photogenic, I know that's very biased, but I'm not lying. 


If you're going for photographic purposes neutral colours work best, black and white, beiges, pastels, pale shades of green, your autumnal pallet works well too. I would suggest avoiding too many bold prints, too much floral, avoid blue, unless navy, avoid reds, bright pinks, yellow, bright greens, no neon, no brights, neutrals work best. Although, that's down to my editing style, if you're a bright and colourful person then don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you do you, you be you. Considering it's pride month when this is posted, it's the month of spread the love and rainbow. I would just suggest, if you like the colourings of my images then I would suggest a duller colour pallet but that all depends on your specific editing (if your hobbyist or a professional) and filter if you're living the instagram dream.


So if you're photographing on a DSLR, go for an aperture rate around 3.0f if you're photographing 3 people, basically up your f rate per person. I tend to go 1.4f although these images were taken at 2.5f  if I have just one person as the subject. I would go for a shutter speed around 1/5000 if its incredibly bright and sunny, like it was for me on this evening. My more golden hour shoots I bring it down to around 300 - 600 but I was struggling with exposure when taking these as it was so incredibly sunny. My ISO was 100 due to brightness. If you're going for auto settings on a DSLR, go sports mode if you have it, rarely failed me before I taught myself manual and for phone photography, go to portrait mode if you can for photos of them separately but go for normal photo for group shots or for a less blurred background. You can add blur in the editing if you struggle to get it.


Get close to the ground, this is literally my go to when photographing. I have no limits usually when photographing, althoughI am currently not able to lay on my tummy, I am now usually found on my side. I have been known to be in the sea, in the arctic temps, heavy rain to get the best shot. I have laid in puddles, I find getting to their levels work the best. I have seen shot gorgeous images from above when they're tickling each other on the ground but I find for flower images, to make the most of capturing the flower surroundings, I like to get on their levels.


Editing your images is so, so important. Even chucking an instagram free filter on can make an absolute massive difference to the image you've taken. I've included all the before and afters at the bottom of this post for you to see why you need to edit. I have much warmer tones in summer than I do in Autumn, I have seasonal editing types, dark and moody in autumn/halloween, Christmas is cooler, sparkly lights kind of editing, spring is getting warmer with darker greens and then summer I get warmer with my tones. 

Presets are always a great starting point and Lightroom on your phone is so easy access and easy to use, AColourStory is another good app but some filters will require purchasing but its not something you will regret using. 

The other steps you can take is literally hiring a photographer, we've all been desperate to get back to photographing and now we're allowed again. Support your local photographer, if its in your budget too, a lot of photographers do mini shoots too, which are usually more affordable than a full shoot. If this isn't an option which financially it isn't for everyone and it's also not comfortable for everyone either then these tips should definitely help.

I hope that's helped you with your photography! GO GET THE SHOT! GET YOUR MARC JACOBS INSPIRED OXTAIL DAISY SHOTS and remember sunflowers, lavender and confetti shots are coming soon! Maybe not for pregnant me this year, but these tops can be used for those too! 

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