17 June 2021


Here we are, 8ish weeks away from you all becoming big siblings, for Lucas and Iris, it's not the first time but for Rufus, it's a big change. Being a big sibling comes with some responsibility. You have to become a good role model, you're required to set a good example to your new tiny sibling and teach them how to be the best little person they can be! 

Showing them how to eat like normal humans, using cutlery, table manners, good behaviour, how to be kind, how to be lovely and how to be as good as the rest of you. Caspar being the youngest and final child will have three different personalities to look at whilst growing up and this will help shape their little personality. Lucas is sensitive, he's got this very lovely, shy personality and he’s definitely the one who gets upset the easiest, he’s also the human hoover at the dinner table and is the chew anything in reach kinda kid. Iris is the sassy one, the one with the attitude problem, the one who slams her bedroom door in a rage kinda kid, it’s started already but she’s also the confident and independent one. Rufus is the naughty one, the pushes his luck kinda one, but also the cuddly and super loving one. They all have their lovely quirks and their not so lovely quirks, they’re kids, they’re not going to be perfect, no one is but they’re ours and they’re perfect to us.

The biggest worry for any parent of those becoming big siblings is the worry you’ll feel rejected or left out and we want to make sure you don’t feel like that, a new baby is exciting and it should be exciting for you all too. You could never be replaced and he's just an extra little playmate. You’re getting a new friend for life, they’re boring and demand a lot of attention in the first few months but they do get more exciting I promise. Iris, you already adore your little brother and constantly hug him and tell him how cute he is so I know you’ll be the same this time, Lucas, you think he’s hilarious and vey occasionally love playing with Iris but one thing that needs working on is the capability to play something other than what you’re interested in because I really do think if you mention marvel to your siblings one more time they may set to make marvel extinct, Iris for one is so bored of hearing it. 
Rufus this is going to be a complete new experience for as you’re used to being guided and not being the guide. The fact you’re going to have a baby brother, close in age and the same gender will be so exciting to see how you bond and if it’s any different to the bond Iris and Rufus got before she started pre-school.

I have so much faith that you will be absolutely lovely and amazing big siblings to Caspar and guide him in the right direction, with a few naughty streaks of course. I am so intrigued to see how you slot into being his big Brothers and Sister. I love that he's going to be born during the summer holidays from school so that you get some time to adjust and be with us before Lucas, you start junior school and Iris, you start infants school. Rufus, you're due to start preschool in January too, which is crazy! So excited for you all. 

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