8 June 2021



What do you do when you're a spook in the summertime? Have SummerWeen! Carving summer pumpkins, AKA - Watermelons, and we decided to carve them like pumpkins and we had so much fun doing it. 

I am completely missing Autumn and halloween, the cosy evenings by the fire with candlelight but considering I'm high risk for getting poorly if I get covid, its nice to have more freedom with visits in the garden! Also, just to say i'm not anti-summer, but i'm not always a fan of the heat, I really don't like it this year as I've never been heavily pregnant in the summer before! But for me, I am such an Autumn girl. 

The best thing about watermelon carving is it's completely different to pumpkin and most of us are guilty for chucking out the insides of the pumpkins but with the watermelon insides we made a juice and then we also made a yogurt, oat and watermelon frozen dessert! it's going to be so nice on this week's hot days! 

Overall, there's not much to say regarding this but it's definitely a great idea! So give it a go.

I have some new posts coming soon, a 30 week update, two hospital bag blog posts and a post for Lucas' birthday a week late! I've been really poorly, but working from my bed is great! Happy Summer-Ween!!!

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