5 June 2021


Nothing is better than a snuggly plush with the cutest face and the perfect for bedtime cuddles. Something my children love is plushes, I mentioned this in a recent post with Lucas that they're obsessed with plushes, we have a lot of Disney plushes from our trips to Disneyland and we cannot part with them. Disney holds a special meaning in our hearts, all of ours, from Brad and I to the little people and even Caspar is getting prepped to have a love for Disney and Disney plushes too. 

We spend a lot of time reading Disney stories before bed and watching Disney movies. Brad and I all have a very good collection of Disney mugs too which means we have one for basically all occasions, any mood we have a mug or a plush. 

We were sent 3 classic Disney plushes and this means all the littles have one each (see Grogu post for Lucas') and it means even Caspar has one ready to go when he's born! 

If we start by talking about Rufus' adorable little Thumper! He's a huge fan of bunnies as we own two bunnies ourselves. Rufus loves snuggly bunnies and he enjoyed reading him a Bambi story before going to bed with Thumper. Thumper is so soft, fluffy and at 25cm isn't silly big or too small either. Rufus went off to bed last night with this lovely plush and he was very impressed with himself too. Disney animals are always super adorable and are adored by children and adults. They're always drawn or animated super cute and usually have a heartwarming story behind them too. Thumper and Flower have always been up there with my favourite Disney animals. I mean, just look how stinking cute Roo's plush is!!

Iris is a massive girly girl and she loves Marie. I think it's mostly because of the fact she's very much like Marie, she has the sassiness and confidence of Marie and she's surrounded by boys too. She was very happy to have her Marie 25cm plush with a cup of tea, her summer Marie pyjamas and her Marie bow in her hair. She HAS to match, its a must with Iris. Marie has always been one of her favourites since Father Christmas purchased her a Marie plush from Disneyland in 2017 but she's always struggled with the fact it's quite a big plush and it's not perfect for cuddling, so when she found out this was sent to her she was so over the moon. Again it's the perfect cuddle size, it's soft, fluffy and has such a gorgeous little face. She replaced her favourite bunny with Marie tonight which is unheard of so she's definitely a huge fan. 

Finally, we have Dumbo and I cannot wait to see Caspar with it when he's born. He's the perfect addition to his cot and he's absolutely adorable. Dumbo for me has always had a soft spot in my heart and the song "Baby of mine" has always been a song that makes me teary as a Mum. I love that he can snuggle this as he gets bigger and I just love how soft and fluffy he is. I know that's been regularly said in this post but I wish you could touch them to see how real that is although to be honest I think it's quite obvious from the photos. 

All these plushes are 25cm and available to purchase via Amazon and will be such a perfect edition to your plush collection. Your little ones will love them and even if you don't have little ones, you just like plushes, it's just as lovely for you too. There's no age limit on Disney. 

*This is a collaboration partnership with Disney and Simba Toys, all words and photos are my own and honest*

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