4 June 2021



One of our favourite things to do is watch films and Lucas being a fan of Star Wars and the Mandalorian and grogu make Lucas extremely happy. He's become a real character and has found a firm love for certain things and I am loving seeing him find his likes and dislikes. 

One thing Lucas loves along with his little action figures for marvel characters and Star Wars characters is plushes. His bed is full of Disney and Dinosaur plushes. They spend the night chucked off his bunk bed but he still won't part with any of them and he's VERY happy about this Grogu.

Lucas became a Star Wars fan back in Disneyland in 2019 and from that moment on we just haven't been able to stop the love and honestly, we wouldn't want to either, I mean Lucas is obsessed with Lucasfilms... how cool is that? We could have never predicted that. He loves Grogu and this plush from Simba Toys which is available from both Amazon and Very for £9.99 is affordable, adorable and will definitely be Lucas' new best friend for a while! He's really well made, and is a perfect edition for every Star Wars or Grogu lover. 

Lucas is very much looking forward to watching the Mandalorian series with his very own Grogu now. Although we do have to keep Rufus away as he's taken a shine to him too. Haha. May need a second Grogu.  


* This is a collaboration partnership with Lucasfilms simba toys, all words, pictures are my own and honest.*

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