9 June 2021


Last week Lucas turned seven and I can't believe it. How is it that we have a seven year old? I can't believe it honestly. It genuinely feels like yesterday I had him, but apparently it isn't. 
Where do the years go? Its cliche but honestly you should totally cherish these moments. I feel like I'll be a grandmother in no time at this rate, the years are just speeding by and Its been bittersweet watching them grow up and become proper little people and Lucas is due to start junior school in September! Which totally blows my mind. He's barely completed the past three years due to covid but he's still sped through the first 3 years of school and infant school is nearly completed for Lucas. Crazy.

Lucas has become a fan of Marvel recently, he latches on to things Brad likes quite easily and quickly and after seeing Brad play a marvel game, Lucas decided he liked it more than Star Wars. His favourite is Spiderman because that's his Nanna's favourite. So he was very excited to do this Spiderman photoshoot for his birthday! He thinks he's super cool (which he is).

He has grown up so much in the last year but then again covid has delayed a lot of things for him and there's a few things I don't feel are appropriate to share with the internet about him because he'll be able to read this back one day and it's important that we are cautious what we share about him. He is enjoying marvel, Star Wars, games, animal crossing and some really weird tv shows on Netflix! 

He is trying really hard with reading, writing and spellings and he's just always trying his best with learning at school and I've said this before as it's the most important thing for Brad and I. We don't care how you do grades wise as long as you have tried your absolute best. That's what makes us proud of him. 

I can't believe that my biggest boy is 7, a big brother of 2 nearly 3 and just such a darling boy. 


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