10 May 2021


Boys or girls, whoever your children are, we know they will all love toys. Toys of so many different varieties. Iris has drifted to more of the stereotypical "girls" toys whilst growing into her own little person and the boys have drifted towards the more stereotypical "boys" toys. Lucas is into smashing and bashing things, superheroes, etc... and Rufus is very much into BIG TRUCKS and "dars" (cars). He loves it when his big Brother or Sister (very occasionally) come and play with these with him. If it has wheels, a horn or a siren, he loves it... Oh, and it does have the crash. 

When we were sent these two metal Tonka trucks to try, Lucas and Rufus were instantly drawn to the box and the "WOW" sounds echoed around the porch. They couldn't be unboxed quick enough and instantly the boys had them in the front garden, filling them with bits of grass, mud and dead daffodil leaves. 
We've reviewed some Tonka trucks before back in 2018 which were a different Tonka toy and you can read that HERE and we still have it! 

What's so special about these trucks? you may be thinking, well, firstly a huge percentage of the toy is metal, so straight away you have a long lasting, strong and durable product.
Secondly, It's big enough to fit Rufus' bum in so becomes a fantastic, unintentional ride on toy with no worries of the plastic snapping and poking him! 
They have been through rigorous amounts of testing prior to this blog post and that includes testing the weight limit by both boys sitting in it, they've been smashed against each other at great speeds and with great force, they've smashed into the brick walls surrounding the garden and they've been physically chucked by the smallest one whilst yelling "HULK SMASH"... if you have any concerns about how durable they are, please don't they really will last. 

You can purchase them from John Lewis, clicking the link HERE to see the range of Tonka trucks they have. The bigger truck which is "the worlds toughest" is £49.99 and link straight to the product is HERE and the slightly smaller one is available for £29,99 and the link straight to that product is HERE

Both products can be filled with many different earth types, sand, mud, water, leaves, etc... and they both have the ability to tip them up to empty them and to of course resemble a real life truck. 
Both products are made of steel and plastic, so as previously mentioned they are built to last and worth every penny. 

Overall, the products are fantastic, incredibly strong and tough and have been a great addition to the garden toys we have. There's so many photos below to see just how much the children loved them and also to see them from different angles. So do take a look. These would be a great present for any child, boy or girl, who loves this kind of toy and will certainly not be ending up in a landfill within a couple of weeks because they've had too much rough and tumble and are broken. 

Big wheels, big trucks, big imaginations and big fun! What else could you possibly want? 


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