1 May 2021


After finally finding a spot of not dead bluebells and finding a patch of the most beautiful bluebells! I can't travel too far this time as I'm pregnant, avoiding too much public transport and not being a driver it's a little trickier but we found some and I'm even hosting some last minute bluebell shoots! Which is so exciting as it's been a long time since I've been in business! Covid has halted my business for longer than many other photographers due to my pregnancy and prior to that my job. I work in a job where I work with very vulnerable people, so when everything opened back up again last summer, I had to halt still as I didn't want to risk bringing anything into the care home and infecting the vulnerable people in my care. Thankfully, that was the right decision and I am glad I never brought any covid infections in and fingers crossed, touch all the wood, I haven't yet had covid, Brad sadly contracted it in January but I isolated away as I was in the first trimester and thankfully that worked. Anyway, moving away from covid. 

Bluebells has sparked my joy and kicked me up the bum to sort out photoshoots with others and I am so excited to capture these memories for them! Hopefully this will mean come early Summer, I'll be able to do a lot more shoots before I have this last little baby of ours! 

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