29 October 2018


Growing up Tonka toys were something I always remember my Brother having. The bright yellow diggers and trucks are something that completely stick in my mind. Tonka toys have definitely improved over the years and Iris and (mostly) Lucas have been testing out the cement mixer. Which we think is really quite cool.

There's currently four different types of the power movers available on Amazon, there is a 'Dumper Truck', a 'Front loader', a 'Bulldozer' and finally the 'cement mixer' which is the one we're trialling.
The four of them have the new motion drive technology which is incredibly cool for interaction for the kids. There's buttons which are really blooming noisy for us adults but the littles love it and love pressing it. The giggles make it super worth it.

The way to Cement mixer works is that the littles take control, they are in charge of how they play and use the vehicle. The motion drive technology means you push the cement mixer forward to hear and make the engine rev and this also activates the lights and when you push the cement mixer backwards you hear back-up sounds. If you spin the handles you hear the hydraulic sounds and the lights start to flash. This helps encourage role play, encourage the littles to learn and engage with a miniature version of the real vehicle. I love realistic toys.
The range was recently awarded GOLD in the 2018 practical pre-school awards too which is pretty great for them.

Watching the littles play so nicely with the cement mixer is really lovely. There is something about listening to Lucas make up a scenario and watch him driving it around and playing nicely with it whilst pretending to fix the road and dig things up. Iris on the other hand just likes making it make noise! She mimics the noises too which is quite funny too.

Overall, both littles love the cement mixer and it has had hours of fun already and will be sure to have hours and hours more too.

*We were gifted the Cement mixer and received a fee in return for a blog post and an instagram post. The review and images are my own and honest.*

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