30 October 2018


*This is a paid collaboration with Little Tikes to promote their Fantastic Firsts range and their new products. All words are honest and my own and images are mine too. We never review anything we do not like or wouldn't recommend to friends or family.*

The Little Tikes fantastic firsts range is something that's perfect for Iris and will be a great toy to introduce to our new little one when they arrive and are at the playing with toys stage. Iris is two but still loves playing with colourful toys and was very excited when this parcel arrived for her to play with. Iris loves role play, dinosaurs, cars and dolls and this is all great for her creative side but at the same time we sometimes forget she needs to still develop skills like stacking and sorting shapes. So, when these toys arrived I was really glad we can help her develop these skills too.

Whenever I've thought about Little Tikes I instantly think about garden toys, the big cars, slides and play houses. I wasn't aware until recently about their huge range of toys on offer and honestly whilt browsing their website was really impressed by how much they sell and the different ranges on offer.


The sleepy stacker is great and does so many things. It's more exciting than your typical stacking toys.
The cute little bird has crinkle wings, the bunny rattles and the bear jingles.
They come in three parts each so you can can stack the animals together, you could teach them to put the green bunny together. you can stack all of them together too and build a tower. This was Iris' favourite part as she built them up and then smashed them down. If you unstack the heads they close their eyes to go to sleep too. Iris really liked the eyes opening and closing.
Even though Iris is two, I wouldn't say these were too young for her personally and she's quite advanced in some areas. I would say because we've never really thought about teaching her to stack things apart from blocks. I loved watching her nest them too and tell me to "shhh, Mummy, they sleeping"
Overall, these are super cute, well made in the sense I don't feel the wings are going to start coming apart, nothing is going to break off and there isn't a single choking hazard on them so she can play with these without supervision, unlike some of her other toys.
This is available to purchase from Amazon or Argos for £19.99


The singing sorter is probably my favourite out of the two. It's perfect for her to learn her shapes, learn to slot the shapes into the right part of the caterpillars back and I have also spent time teaching her about the colours too. Iris loves that it sings and she can pull it along the floor.
The shapes have a different textured pattern on them too for younger children's development.
Iris sits so nicely putting the shapes in and out of the caterpillars back and plays tunes as it is pulled along the floor.
This toy is perfect for teaching shapes, colours and for encouraging leg strength on younger children who are learning to walk or who have just learnt to walk.
I love how colourful, cute and inviting the shapes are with their happy little faces on them too.
This is aimed at children aged 9 months old onwards and once again personally don't think it's too young for Iris at 2. She is at the perfect age to learn shapes and colours and as she can talk now she is learning new words all the time and repeating them so she's the perfect age to learn these shapes and colours so when we're looking at colourful things or shapes, she'll be able to identify them.
Overall, this is a huge hit with Iris and something she's really enjoying playing with. They're toys she can play with on her own without being harassed by Lucas to share as at 4 they are too young for him. As said above too it's another toy I don't worry about her playing with unattended either as I know she wont choke on anything.
This is also available to purchase from Amazon or Argos for £19.99


Everyone loves a milestone card don't they? They're becoming a must have for new Mums. Most of them are aimed at just the littles, but the downloadable Little Tikes ones are part Littles and part Mum. They're quite funny really with phrases like "Today I realised I sound exactly like my own Mother" and "Today I left the house without forgetting anything" which lets be honest is pretty impressive.
I think they're really cute and as a free download, 100% worth downloading.
I will be saving them for when this baby arrives as they will be perfect for when I achieve getting ready for soft play with three children or when I have my first lay in... I mean with three children I'll be waiting about 10 years or so for that! When I am trying to peel them from their beds as grumpy teenagers. 

I am so impressed by the quality of these Little Tikes toys and look forward to seeing Iris and Lucas teaching their little Brother or Sister how to play with these toys in about seven months time or so.

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