31 October 2018


There is nothing better than fancy dress for me. I love buying the kids cute clothes and truly spend a fortune on them in Zara, River Island and Next and i've got some beautiful clothes for them and love photographing them in these outfits but sometimes it's really nice to put them in fancy dress and take photos. Although I knew i'd be getting some photos of them in these costumes at Iris' party and also a few of them ready for trick or treating on actual Halloween, I do love having some of them for keepsakes. To remember how they've grown up over the halloweens. Also it's cute as we've added to our brood.

This year its about the witch and bat, which is cute. This isn't a very wordy post, but have some cute halloween pictures!
Have a spooky day! I hope you're enjoying eating halloween shaped food, carving your pumpkins, watching a halloween film and burning a pumpkin spiced candle in your house thats decorated with halloween decor.

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