1 November 2018


*This is a collaboration with Direct wood flooring to promote their laminate flooring. All words are my own and the pictures are stock images via pexels. The post is my honest thoughts and opinions on the prospect of one day owning our own family home.*

One day our dream will be to own our home. We have currently got benefits from renting, for example if we have a problem with our boiler or something else breaks it isn't us that has to fit the bill, which we don't always have spare BUT there is many cons to renting too. I am a very house proud person and I adore a lovely, tidy home and due to renting, decorating just isn't something we are really allowed to do and if we were I'd be put off putting a lot of money into someone else's property for them; especially when we don't have 100% guarantee we have another year in this property.

When I browse Instagram and Pinterest, I get a lot of home envy. Nice navy walls, chalk board walls in the littles' bedrooms but most importantly, nice floors. Our carpets are a funny sand colour, which is an upgrade from the student blue carpets that we had in the lounge and the littles' bedroom when we moved in but I would love a really nice laminate floor.
Having children means that our carpets look filthy. When they've "accidentally" got hold of some make up and painted the floor, when they've dropped food from the dining room table on the carpet, when people come in our lounge with their shoes on, which is my absolute pet hate and I'm so worn out of asking people to take off their shoes. There is sticky patches all over the floor and I long for the day that we can have control over our home decor and put in some nice laminate flooring and paint the walls nicely. Magnolia is such an awful colour too, well it isn't for everyone but after renting for 7 years, I am VERY bored of it.

Owning our home one day will give us complete control over our home. It's going to cost us a more money in the long run but at the same time we probably pay more in rent a month than we would if we had a mortgage and we will need to expand our house size in the future and move, that means expanding our already stretched outgoings too with an increase in rent payment for a bigger property.
The more I look at Insta-homes, the more jealous I get. We've tried our best to make our house a home with nice furniture but with dodgy carpets, magnolia walls and broken things we cannot change it's a bit rubbish, especially as a family home. I still never understand why landlords go for carpets instead of laminate flooring? It is more practical, easier to clean and it just looks so much nicer than carpet when you rent. It is much more hygienic too, especially when carpet can go through numerous tenants.

Our dream will be to one day have our own home, with our control and I long for a nice "Insta-home".

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