2 November 2018


*I was gifted a gift box of Mothercare basics in return for a blog post to promote their basic range. All words and images are my own and honest.*

Prepping for a baby is expensive, even on baby number three it's proved to be expensive. Thankfully we do have some bits we can re-use from Lucas and Iris but when it comes to baby clothes, we had nothing left really to hand down, especially as we're keeping the gender a surprise until they arrive. Something I really love is a baby in white, they look so cute and pure and just so incredibly sweet.
Discovering Mothercare's lovingly made, perfectly price range I was really impressed. Having a baby doesn't have to be super expensive in every aspect and well made products for a reasonable price is really hard to come by.

In the past we have bought basic item baby clothes from Mothercare's competitors and the price is exactly the same but the quality is far from than desirable.
Although we haven't used the items on the baby yet as I am only 35 weeks pregnant and baby is hopefully staying put for another 5 weeks just by feeling them you can already tell they're a great quality. They are so soft, the seams are stitched well and I have no doubts about the quality after washing. I cannot currently comment on how well they wash and keep their shape but I really am not concerned about it as if they're anything like other Mothercare's products, they're keep their shape lovely. We actually have some blue sleepsuits on standby for baby if they're a boy which are Mothercare and nearly 5 years old. I bought them January 2014 after discovering Lucas was a baby boy and they've been washed so many times.

In the gift box I was recently sent by Mothercare I have a few essentials in the size 1-3 months, which is up 14.5lbs | 6.5kg. The items with poppers all come with one popper thats copper instead of silver to help all sleep deprived parents pop them up correctly as lets be honest nothing is more annoying than getting nearly all the poppers done up and realising that you've messed up somewhere and you have to start all again.

In our box we have...

A pack of sleepsuits which start at £6.50 for the tiny sizes and go up to £7.50 for the bigger sizes. In this particular pack you get three sleepsuits. These have built in scratch mitts up to 3-6 months, carefully made toe-safe enclosed feet to stop loose threads from hurting those tiny toes, after 9 months they have slip resistant soles to help littles to not fall over and they're 100% natural cotton to be gentle on that delicate baby skin. You can buy them HERE.

A pack of sleeveless bodysuits which start at £7.50 for the tiny sizes and go up to £8.50 for the bigger sizes. In this pack you get SEVEN bodysuits. We're having a Winter baby so body suits under clothes is so important to help them stay snug. These sleepsuits I would say are great for all seasons too. Perfect under clothing in the colder months and in Summer they can be worn on their own to make sure baby doesn't over-heat. Iris was going to bed in just a vest in the Summer months as it was too hot for pyjamas. You can buy them HERE.

A pack of long sleeve bodysuits which start at £4.50 for the tiny sizes and go up to £5.50 for the bigger sizes. In this pack you get three bodysuits. Long sleeved bodysuits are going to be much needed during those bitter winter days. Especially when we're on the school run. We're going to need a long sleeve bodysuit, a sleepsuit AND a pram suit and knitted mittens and a hat too!
You can buy them HERE.

A pack of sleeveless vests which are currently on sale for £2.50 for the tiny sizes and £3.50 for the bigger sizes. In this pack you get two vests. These I would say are better for the older littles wearing outfits instead of sleepsuits. They're perfect for when they have trousers/leggings and a top more than a sleepsuit personally but these will be handy for those super cold days where I may want to layer baby up with an extra layer. You can buy them HERE.

Finally, we have the duck swaddle wrap. I love a baby snuggled in a hooded towel, especially an animal hooded towel. This is currently on sale for £7 instead of £14 and I just love it. I cannot wait to wrap baby up in this towel after they arrive and they've had their first bath and they smell all lovely and they're all snuggly. As a breastfeeding Mum too, I know that after baths baby will likely want to feed so I always love a nice soft, thick towel to keep them wrapped in whilst they have their feed.
You can buy this HERE.

Don't forget that...

The bodysuits are perfect for pulling down during poonamis! They're designed to stretch down over baby's body so you don't have to try to pull off a body suit over the head thats covered in poop and make more of a mess.

Mothercare's sizes start at 'Tiny Baby' 5lb's for the basic range and they do support Bliss and sell baby clothes starting at 3lbs too! Just to make sure those extra tiny littles get to wear lovely clothes too.

Newborns go through a lot of clothes so basics are a great way forward, especially for bodysuits as unless they're a summer baby living in bodysuits they don't get seen! So save those pennies for cute outfits and buy basic vests and sleepsuits in particular.

These basics are perfect for hospital bags, especially if you're having a surprise with the gender. You don't want to spend a fortune on gender neutral clothes if you know you're going to go out buying gender specific clothes after they're born.

You can also purchase a cute white and copper gift box with tissue for only £1.80! So if you're buying a gift, you can make it look extra cute.

I am super excited to use these items on baby once they arrive!

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