3 November 2018


Dear Brad,

Here's to a year, a crazy year and a year we've made the most memories. A year ago we got married, we vowed to stay together forever, to grow old together and I changed my last name.
This year has seen so many things, so many changes and a lot of memories made, it's probably been my favourite year together yet. I am so incredibly grateful for the life we have together. We don't have loads of money, we don't have loads of time together, we're both exhausted and busy with work and life but we make time for each other and that's all we need.
We started off married life a little crazy, we spent our wedding morning up a&e and I spent the first six weeks of married life in a cast whilst it helped healed my broken wrist.
We then headed to Disneyland Paris for our family moon, we made memories whilst we ate breakfast with Mickey Mouse, dined with the Princesses and watch our two tiny littles in absolute awe of everything they could see. It was the most magical family moon I could have ever dreamed of. It kicked started a need to travel a little and put money into holidays.
I then headed back to work which was pretty nerve wracking but exciting and worth it as a guaranteed income every month was very much needed.

In January I headed off to Inverness, which then led to our trip to Edinburgh in March... This was when our lives were surprisingly about to change, yet we had no idea at this point. Edinburgh was our mini-moon. We were away for my 25th birthday and it was our first trip away together and it was very much needed. We forget how important time together alone is sometimes and well, thats when we made baby number three. So, an even more special mini-moon.

In April we signed a lease for two years on our two bedroom house and then days later we discovered we were pregnant with our third baby. We were around 5 weeks pregnant at this rate, we were still early days but it was the latest we'd ever discovered we were pregnant because it wasn't expected, so I hadn't noticed I was late... whoops! We had two early private scans, one when I was a little too early so we were a little worried whilst we waited to have a re-scan to see whether baby was in the right place and showing signs of growing. They were and it was when we started to really realise we were about to become parents again.

We then headed to Croatia and made memories on our first "proper" family holiday. By proper I mean a holiday that wasn't Disneyland Paris. Croatia was hard, I was exhausted, nauseous and was hiding a tiny little bump in photos but it was such a wonderful holiday, so much so Lucas asks us frequently to go back to "Dabruvnick" haha. I am so glad we did that for your birthday as it was so worth it. I loved every moment with you and the children.

Moving on to May, I headed to Manchester and spent a weekend away from you and the children and then we had our twelve week scan, saw our tiny baby after weeks of me fretting, feeling nervous and panicking everything was going to be terrible and we finally announced to the world we were expecting the final piece of our family. What a lovely month.

Then June, we went away to celebrate Lucas' fourth birthday. We headed to Wales and once again more memories were made. We watched Lucas and Iris get confident with swimming, we toasted marshmallows, travelled miles on trains and just truly had a great time. I couldn't be more grateful for that trip. The last trip we chose to do this year because of the pregnancy and that will always be a favourite for me.

July was our twenty week scan, we decided to not find out baby's gender and we were told that as far as they can see baby is looking healthy and happy and growing well. What a relief! I know that we both felt very lucky to be at this stage of pregnancy again. It was all becoming really real for me and you then.
In August you felt baby move for the first time and how blooming special was that!!

In September Lucas headed off to school and my heart broke, like I sobbed in the school playground that Morning. You were a wonderful support and it was that moment we realised they don't stay baby's forever.
I also headed off to Manchester again, and hormones and exhaustion made it a really hard seperation this time.

Then October, our Daughter turned two and it was crazy. It's gone so incredibly quickly and it was lovely. Baby moves more than ever now and you find it a little creepy too.

Now were here November 3rd 2018, one whole year since the day I became your wife and I honestly couldn't be happier. I feel closer to you than ever and I just love you more and more everyday. We're a month away from being Parents again, meeting our surprise baby and FINALLY discovering whether they're a Son or Daughter.
Thank you for making the most amazing memories with me this year, thank you for all your support and love and thank you for not freaking out and running away when we found out we were expecting again! Haha. I know it freaked you out a lot more than me but you're an amazing Daddy and Husband and I have no doubt in my mind you will be amazing this time round like you were with Lucas and Iris.

Thank you for the most amazing, surprising and full on first full year of marriage. It's been perfect and I couldn't be more grateful to be your wife.

I love you a LOT, Brad

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