4 November 2018


THIRTY FIVE WEEKS! Bejesus christ, I just can't even get my head around it. It's November and i'm literally nearly ONE month away from meeting this tiny baby. I have spent so long keeping them safe and secure in my tummy and now we're nearly at the stage of thinking about breastfeeding days, nappy changes (not that we aren't still doing that with Iris) and pushing a pram again! I would say sleepless nights but between constant weeing and the pain in my leg, I don't sleep during the night anyway.

This week has been exhausting but a lovely week. We saw the Midwife at the very beginning, baby's heartbeat is lovely and Iris was making me laugh as she bobbed and danced along to the sound of the heartbeat. Fundal height is absolutely perfect at 34cm, spot on! I've never ever had it spot on before. Lucas measured 4cm-6cm ahead every appointment and Iris was always 2cm-4cm ahead! To be honest Lucas had a LOT of water, it was Niagra falls when those waters broke all over my bloody bedroom floor, haha.
The midwife took my bloods to check my iron levels because i've been exhausted but I think they're going to come back normal as I don't sleep, i'm still working two jobs and I have two under fives to look after.

On the Friday night Brad and I went out to a work Halloween party, we NEVER go out so this was lovely. I was really worried I'd be exhausted and not enjoy myself but we were one of the last to go home and I was up dancing in heels until nearly the end! I am quite impressed with that, although on the Saturday morning I felt like I had a stinking hangover, my ankles were swollen and I spent the day sleeping, eating and having a bath. I was a write off. It was so worth it though, we had such a lovely night and I spent a lot of the night going "I am glad I can't have tequila" Nicole + Tequila + bosses = disaster... I can handle my Tequila, I can handle about 12/13... it's usually Tequila 14 onwards that results in vomiting and hugging the floor BUT I do enjoy dancing and singing after tequila and that has resulted in a broken wrist on my wedding night and I do usually tell everyone I like, I love them and I end up wondering if I embarrassed myself enough. So behaving myself was worth it... for now! I can't say the next work party will involve no tequila. I did struggle with the smell of sambucca in the air. The last time I drank Sambucca was in January at my cousins 21st, they had ran out of tequila behind the bar so I swapped to sambucca and I must have had 12 of them as I do with tequila and I ended up on the sofa with a bowl... so pregnant lady being reminded of that night was pretty gross. I really hate sambucca.

I have worked 3 days this week too, so i'm pretty knackered. I do have work Monday too, then I don't have work until the following week when it's officially my final week. God, it's all coming round so quickly.
I've also had a growth spurt and i'm officially exhausted beyond belief.
I have also started getting the bus to and from work as walking is too hard now as we live at the bottom of lots of hills.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Honeydew melon, bunch of carrots and a kid's backpack
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: starting to wrap Christmas presents and get really organised!
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: the growth spurt
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: so incredibly exhausted! I just want to nap all the time.
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing, I think were pretty much done on what we can buy at the moment.
IM CRAVING: the smell of fresh laundry
IM LOVING: catching the bus to work instead of walking
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: nap when i get the chance

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