5 November 2018


I still cannot believe i'm typing up a post about what's going to be in my third little baby's hospital bag. You can see what I packed with Lucas, HERE, and what I packed with Iris, HERE. I packed gender specific clothing into both of their hospitals bags but this time I have all gender neutral items in this baby's bag. We have purchased a "little Sister" and "Little Bro" sleepsuit for baby to announce their gender but I wont be doing that until we're both back home and the littles have met them. Both Lucas and Iris have Brother and Sister tops too, so i'm excited to take that photo of the three of them together.

It feels really strange buying only gender neutral and packing gender neutral clothing BUT at the same time it's really exciting.

We have baby's Moomin blanket packed as baby is a December baby and it's going to be freezing! I want baby to be super snuggly so they have their cute Moomin blanket.
I have also packed a thick knitted cardigan for baby to wear from ward to car. I know they wont be able to wear this in the car but hopefully however we get home, be it a family member or a taxi will have their heating on and we'll put blanket over baby too. This is why we haven't packed a pram/snow suit. This cardigan is from M&S and is super cute! I love baby clothes with ears!

Clothing wise, I haven't gone crazy. I have packed one set of newborn sleepsuits which are the cute Llama sleepsuits from John Lewis. A very old three piece set of bodysuits from when we had Lucas, we hadn't kept a lot from either but when sorting a cupboard out found a bag of old stuff and found a handful of newborn bits from Lucas and a handful of newborn bits from Iris. The sleepsuits came from a pack of five from ASDA, and i've linked some similar ones HERE. The two spare sleepuits are different sizes, the striped one is first size and we bought it from NEXT, but it's no longer for sale, so i've linked a similar set from ASDA, HERE and the sleepsuit with writing on is a prem baby one from when Lucas was born and was also from ASDA, here's a similar set HERE, they start in tiny sizes too.

Both Lucas and Iris were 6lber's, Lucas weighing 6lb 5ozs at birth and Iris weighing 6lb 15ozs, so I want a few different sizes just in case!

I HATE cotton wall, it absolutely freaks me out and makes me teeth hurt and makes me feel sicky, so I've opted for a packet of waterwipes again. They're so gentle on baby's bottom and wet enough to clear off that sticky first poop. No one wants to be scrubbing with cheap wipes at a newborn bottom and making them sore. I have also packed less nappies than last time as I was discharged within 15 hours of having Iris and it was only that long because she was born at 9:15pm. I have packed 12 nappies I believe and if I need more, Brad will be going home in between to buy them or there's shops in the hospital or locally to go and get more but I doubt that will be necessary. I bought Boots own ones as they're nice and cheap and i'm not overly fussed with expensive nappy brands, especially in the newborn days.

I have packed two hats, the first one is the grey and black striped knitted hat, which was from the next sale at the beginning of the year, I cannot find one similar to link but sure etsy have some, somewhere. This hat will be for leaving the hospital in. The little grey hat is a tiny little hat that Lucas used, it's a prem hat but I find hats come up so big. This hat was from ASDA again. The muslins are again ASDA and I got them when I had Iris. I don't use muslins very much at all, but always pack them anyway.

Finally, I have packed baby's "coming home outfit. This was bought for Lucas but it's just so incredibly cute that I couldn't not use again as I love it. H&M don't sell this one anymore but they do numerous 3 piece sets which you can find HERE. I can't wait to see them in this. 

I am so excited to have this baby and with only four and a half weeks until due date, we don't have long left at all. My hospital bag post will follow this week too, so keep your eyes peeled. Baby's stuff is packed in the same changing bag as Lucas' and Iris' stuff was packed in too. I was starting to sell it as i have a changing bag with my pram but it felt odd not reusing this bag for this baby as I had with the other two.

We just need to grab the car seat on the way out, which is the Cosatto Pom Pom tree design! Yay.
Baby's is completely ready to go now and it's the latest i've ever packed it, so it feels very odd. Here's to having a baby soon! YAY.

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