28 October 2018


*I was gifted the Bravado Bra in return for a feature in a pregnancy update. All words are my own and honest.*

Okay, this pregnancy is going by really quickly and it's really, really quite scary! I honestly feel like it's going to be baby time and Christmas before we know it. I only have three weeks left until maternity leave and honestly the closer it's getting, the sadder I feel about going on maternity leave... is that really weird? On one hand i'm exhausted and cannot wait to be able to nap whilst Iris naps and Lucas is at school EVERYDAY! I am also looking forward to having some time to actually nest and get organised for baby's arrival but on the other hand I am going to miss seeing some of the people I work with, the past nearly six months I've been working on amended duties and admin work, I have really enjoyed my job, really enjoyed the company of the people who I work with closely in that area and I feel quite sad that it's all changing.

Of course, I am excited to have this baby and have 9 months off snuggling them, bonding with them and watching them grow. I would also be lying if I said I wasn't glad I get Christmas off work and I can thoroughly enjoy spending that time with my children and focusing 100% on snuggling, watching Christmas films and dancing to Christmas music to get this baby out, but I just don't know if i'm completely ready for maternity leave. If you'd have asked me back before the Summer I would have told you I couldn't wait for maternity leave, I couldn't wait to leave and was thinking about the earliest point I could go without it affecting the amount of time I was going to have with baby afterwards, but now I feel the complete opposite. I suppose in some ways that's a really great sign and will make the transition into going back to work after maternity leave easier afterwards but at the same time it's going to change after I return and that makes me a little sad too. For now though I am just thinking about enjoying the next three weeks and then remembering I really do need to slow down too.

This week I have had a growth spurt, I am absolutely exhausted and my back is making my thigh and leg so incredibly sore and I hate it. It's the only thing I really complain about the exhaustion, I think my most used phrase is "I NEED A NAP" haha. I do though, most days! I have a severe waddle now too! I really struggle if I stand too long my legs swell, if I sit down too long I seize up and my waddle gets bad! haha. I'm a sight for sore eyes. I am loving being pregnant though. This is the first pregnancy I have enjoyed properly. With Lucas there was so much uncertainty and worry from EVERYONE about how well I'd carry him and if we'd ever have a healthy baby born. With Iris she scared the living crap out of me at 22 weeks when we thought I was going into early labour. I really was petrified when I got the urge to push at 1am and thought it was the end, so the rest of the pregnancy was nerve wracking.
Apart from the hospital trip because of the Kidney infection, I am hoping that we wont have to make any trips to the hospital until 40 weeks when we have this little baby.

This week has pretty quiet but now i'm 34 weeks and we really don't have long left to go!

I am wearing the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra from Bravado designs this week. This is my favourite out of the two, it is so incredibly comfortable and now i'm torn between which one to give birth in. I love this one as it's a nursing bra too and unclips to make breastfeeding easier. I really like it and it is just fits so nicely.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Butternut Squash & Basketball hoop (by Ovia)
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Hearing baby's heartbeat at my next midwife appointment 
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Seeing bump grow again (even if it's bringing out MORE stretchmarks)
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: A penguin sleepsuit
IM CRAVING: The smell of fresh laundry, I really need a desk outside the vent at work... god that's so weird.
IM LOVING: The smell of fresh laundry. HAHA.
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Vlog again, I think that will be something I start when I go on maternity leave as at the moment I am just focusing on blog work deadlines and staying awake at work.

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