14 March 2021



Have you seen the news? We're adding one more little bundle of joy to our family! Caspar River Walters is due August 18th 2021 and we couldn't be more happy with the news! We're expecting baby boy number three is being added to complete our family. 

We're so excited for Iris and the boys because they have been so happy ever since we knew he was a boy. Iris wanted a girl but that was more because she wanted a bunk bed, we have explained she can in fact have a bunk bed anyway and she's now over that. I think it will be so lovely to have just the one girl and the three boys will hopefully be really close. Lucas will be seven when Caspar arrives and Rufus will be 2 and a half, so they'll be very close in age and hopefully get on really well, although I am not naive to the fact they'll fight with each other still. They all fight now as it is but I am not lying when I tell you how much love each other. They're obsessed with each other and laugh all the time and find each other so funny and cute (especially Lucas and Iris when they talk about Rufus)

I am a little scared of being pregnant and giving birth in a global pandemic as I currently can't be vaccinated, I am working in a high risk job and it's all a little frightening BUT it's definitely making the horrible situation slightly lovelier! I am very excited to meet this little boy of ours! 

Are you pregnant in a pandemic? I will be doing some more pregnancy updates, chats, show you some of the things we've bought, things we want to buy & keep you updated with the family. Although it is mostly for us to look back on as I love looking back at my pregnancy with Iris and Rufus on here and wish I'd done it more with Lucas but wasn't as involved with blogging back then! 


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