14 March 2021



Mother's Day comes around every year and this year the children got to make me something a little different! When the-all-in-one-company got in touch to see if I want to let the children design me my own maternity onesie. If you don't follow me on social media then surprise I'm pregnant! Baby no.4 is due in August. 

On that note, these three decided to sit with Daddy one evening and make me the onesie! They went maternity size for my growing bump and they were deciding between many different materials and designs. I was listening in and I heard "what about ladybird print?" and "what about leopard print?" I was a little bit concerned to what I was going to have hanging on the back of the door! Haha. They did settle on tartan which actually as a big Scotland lover, this was pretty decent choice. 

There's a lot of different extras you can add, for example you can add mittens, feet, pockets, zip pockets, just for a few of them! The other extra's you can add are ears, horns and tails!
Mine chose antlers and a bear tail!

They also had Mama embroided on the front too! You can choose from the front or back or both as extra's! 

There is honestly so much to do and choose from. So many colours, designs, added extras to make your onesie completely unique and to you!

The onesie is so blooming comfortable and warm and will be perfect for winter and you can tell it will last a long time too. It's currently really big on me which is okay because I prefer bigger clothing and I think will be perfect as bump grows, great for those summer chilly evenings with a bbq as we star gaze with my big ol' bump! The quality is amazing and yes, it is a pricey item but it's not one you'll be selling or binning after 3 months. I purchased a maternity onesie from a retail shop in January and it's itchy, uncomfortable and it's already gone in the bin, it wasn't even salvageable. The seams were coming apart and everything. That was £30 and it is awful quality and I may as well have binned £30. This onesie will definitely last and stand the test of time! 

The fact it's also handmade and the offcuts and "scraps" are turned into onesies and donated to baby banks and woman refuge centres and the onesies used for photoshoots have also been donated here too! So technically for every onesie you purchase you donate one to a baby In need!  How wonderful is that?

I would recommend investing in one, for you, partner, family, children, the cater for all! Click HERE to find out more and to order yours! It will be so worth it.

*This is a partnership with The All In One Company, all words and images are my own and honest*

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