27 October 2020


So, last week Iris turned four last week and she requested a spooky, nightmare before Christmas, halloween theme and that was what I gave her. Iris had a cake made by my wonderful mum, although don't look too close at Jack as his head fell off in the car and had an exorcist moment and as for Iris' Sally dress, that was thanks to Nanna and Buddha too as it was her birthday present and she loves it. I have one too. 

Iris had particular ideas on what she wanted so we sat together on Meri Meri and chose her plates, cups and napkins and she had told me specifically she had to have burgers on her birthday. This ended up being McDonalds because Daddy forgot to get the burgers out the freezer. 

Now, before I show you Iris' stuff from Meri Meri, let me show you the sleepover Iris had! I have wrote a more detailed post on it on Southampton Focus' blog but I honestly loved everything about these and she's coming back at Christmas too as we want to have a special Christmas themed night and I am very excited for that. This is going to be a regular every occasion booking for sure! They were so nice, so beautifully put together and the littles loved their spooky night and it just made Iris' covid ruined birthday a little more special. You can book yours HERE. It's a must if you're from Southampton.

Now for the decor! The Nightmare before Christmas, snake, vampire, zero and Jack are all from Shopdisney and have been gained over the past year. I've linked to Jack and Zero but the other two are out of stock. 

The Plates you can find HERE
The napkins you can find HERE but the Luna witch cups and spooky surprise balls are both sold out. Ginger Ray used to be my go to party shop online but since Easter I've found Meri Meri and have now used them for Easter, Brad's birthday, Lucas' birthday and Iris' birthday and will use them for Rufus' and Christmas too. I find the designs super cute and unique and they're just amazing quality. 

Overall she had the best day ever and it was all a success! I even managed to find Nightmare before Christmas wrapping paper in the Disney store the day before her birthday too which was such a good find! 
Happy Halloween witches!!

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