3 December 2019


As we do every year, here's a little photo diary to show you what our annual festival day ran like. It was a little different to every year before because this year we had pre-school and school to contend with and with Rufus celebrating his birthday on the 1st of December every year it's no longer going to be our annual festive day, so we will chose a date closest, either the 2nd of December or before! Usually though I am far too impatient to wait so will most likely have it up in November and you know what? I am totally okay with that!

Basically, just a quick snippet, I know everyone puts up their Christmas tree every year but for us we make it a festive day! The elves bring a treat, the tree decorations come out and everything gets exciting and festive, we listen to Christmas songs, dance like no one is watching and finish with over the top hot chocolates and a Christmas movie! I don't have it in me to just put the tree up and call it a day! I am far too excessive for that kind of behaviour.

So, here is a very cute photo diary, it doesn't really need a lot of typing, it will just be filling the gaps, the photos tell the stories, so enjoy!

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