22 December 2019


An ELF workshop! On Sunday 15th December, we headed over to the isle of wight for a really magical elf workshop experience and it truly was magical! 
We took a coach, boat and then a train to get to Shanklin and Lower Hyde holiday park for the elf experience and it was worth every minute of that journey.

When we arrived the children were greeted but the elves and given their elf passports where they could collect stamps from every station they stopped at. Parents were then asked to take a seat and grab a cup of tea or coffee while the children headed through with the elves. For a disclaimer, we were allowed through so Brad could watch Rufus and so I could take photos to document the experience, this isn't usually the norm, although I do believe that they do have one or two parent sessions at the beginning and the end of the day but I may be mistaken.

The first stop for Lucas, Iris and Rufus was the craft station! Now, anyone who knows Lucas knows he's obsessed with crafts and drawing so this was perfect for him. They made placemats for Christmas Eve where they drew and designed their placemats and the elves laminated them, which was lovely. Munch the elf was VERY cheeky and Lucas and Iris loved him a lot and found it very funny that he was a naughty elf who wasn't getting any presents.

The next station involved the wonderful Mrs Claus, who looked beautiful and perfect! There were gingerbread for the children to decorate however they wanted which even Rufus got involved in with the help from Daddy!
This was a lovely touch for me because for me Christmas ALWAYS involves gingerbread decorating and it's something we do all year round too!

When Iris had finished she found it very funny to play with Munch and also Pickles was one of Iris' favourite and she wanted to show her everything she had done. There's a lovely bond with Iris and this elf, she has a soft spot for that elf quite a lot and it is very lovely!!

The next station was the reindeer food and the way they made it all magical was amazing. Special glasses to block out the special dust they sprinkled in to help the reindeers fly and such a lovely idea as now they have this to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve and they'll remember that they made it with the elves too which is an extra bonus and makes it all the more magic.

The next station was writing letters to Santa which was a lovely pre designed letter in a bow that was simple for the older children to fill in themselves and the elves were there to help with the younger children, Brad wrote Rufus' and then once they'd written them out they were ready to send off to Santa himself. There was the option to ask for them in advance if your child was trying to keep it secret from you or you want to be a bit more secretive about it which was nice!
Thankfully for us, ours had already told us what they'd asked Santa.

Once the letters had been sent off to Santa, all the children headed round to meet Sparkle fairy who was sound asleep!! This experience is different to most and Father Christmas himself isn't there, now originally I thought this was going to be slight downfall to the event but actually it was amazing as we spend all our time explaining that Father Christmas is a very busy man who cannot come to our house, etc... and then all of a sudden we're taking them to meet a mall Santa and a Santa experience, two completely different men in costume and our kids are looking at us like what? Now we always tend to do ONE Father Christmas visit a year but the elves workshop is not lacking by not having Santa as it really is about being in the elves workshop and having a completely different experience and it works so well.

Sparkle fairy was lovely, she read them all a story and sprinkle her magic dust over the children and the little presents Santa had left too!
Now, the present, I got a little emotional as it was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever and I just loved it.
So, imagine a little red box, wrapped in a bow with a little tag! With the words believe on! inside was a little bell like in the Polar express and it is the nicest little touch to the day. They get so many toys at Christmas at it is, so to have something a little more sentimental and special and it's something they will be able to keep for a VERY long time.

Overall, we all absolutely adored the day and it was just so magical, special and as per usual the Character company just went above and beyond to put on such a fantastic event. The whole team are amazing as I've mentioned before and Twizzle, Fizzle, Munch, Holly, Pickles and sparkle fairy were incredible, the professionalism from them all was incredible, especially when a child kept saying it wasn't real. They didn't drop character once and they have once again created another incredible memory for my three children and for that I am so grateful. 

I cannot express how much you need to book in an event of some kind with the Character company, be it on the isle of wight or the mainland, whether its a mothers day event, festival of heroes, princess experience or the elf workshop as no matter what they're hosting they nail it every time. 

*Thank you so much to Character Company for gifting us the tickets and boat travel, everything else was paid for by ourselves and all words and photos are my own and 100% honest. I adore working with the Character Company and think the team are fantastic*

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